One thing that you consistently tell us is that St Monica Trust is like a family.  We care about our residents and customers and we care about each other.

If you need to talk about something that’s challenging you, there are people you can talk to in confidence.  They may not have all the answers immediately and they may not be an expert in your particular concern, but they will point you in the direction for further help or support, if you need it.

Here are some people you can turn to in the first instance:

  • Your line manager, supervisor or team leader.
  • Employee Assistance Line: 24 hour confidential phone call:
    0208 068 0035 
    or online:
    Access Code: Available from the Trust Hub or People Directorate (0117 949 4091)
  • The People Directorate: see internal phone list.
  • Pastoral Care contacts: see internal phone list.

If you really don’t want to talk, then you can use this email address and someone from the People Directorate will get back to you in confidence:

One of our colleagues gave permission to share their story about how talking and empathising within their team has made them feel less alone and more supported with their mental health.  Read it here.