Our Trust Hub – save on shopping

Are you a member of Our Trust Hub?  If not, join up today – all you need is your National Insurance number and you’re set to save money on all your normal and special expenditure.


There are three ways to save:

  1. Cashback: Before you buy anything online, it’s worthwhile checking to see if the retailer is included in Our Trust Hub.  Most large retailers you can think of feature on Our Trust Hub – everything from Ikea, Currys, House of Fraser, EasyJet, Talk Talk, M&S to Cineworld, TUI… and so many more.  Click through to the chosen retailer from Our Trust Hub and it will track your spending.  Any cashback you earn from your shopping will be deposited in your Our Trust Hub account for spending at a later date.  You’ll soon see this money add up.  Next time you shop – you can either use the money in your Our Trust Hub account to put towards a gift card or voucher (see below) or you can deposit it into your own bank account.  Our Trust Hub does not save your card details, it’s passworded and kept secure by our account managers ‘Reward Gateway’.
  2. Gift card vouchers: If you’re a more organised spender, you can purchase a retailer’s gift card through Our Trust Hub and save money.  For example, if you regularly shop in Tesco, you can buy a gift card and save 4% (subject to change).  So if you put £100 on a gift card, you have actually only spent £96.  Reward Gateway will post the gift card to you to receive the next day.  You just activate the card and you’re ready to shop.  You can top up a gift card at any time.
  3. Instant vouchers:  If you find yourself browsing the stores around town or at a retail park and you see something you really want to buy there and then, remember to check Our Trust Hub.  A number of retailers have instant vouchers that you can purchase immediately on your smartphone.  Just show the cashier the instant voucher on your phone at the till.  For example, you can save 6% at Sports Direct (subject to change).

Our colleagues have already saved hundreds of pounds (two people are up to £2000!) by using Our Trust Hub.  The Hub also gives you access to a policies, news, surveys, ROSE Awards nomination form, phone list and much more.

To register for an account you need to be a St Monica Trust colleague or volunteer and will need your National Insurance number handy so that we can match your details to those held on our HR database.