Our Mental Health First Aiders

MHFA England is a social enterprise with a vision to improve the mental health of the nation. Through our training, campaigning, and reinvesting, we equip people with the skills to support their own and others’ wellbeing. We believe in zero stigma around mental health. We want mental health to be openly discussed and supported. Together, let’s create a society where everyone can thrive.

MHFA England

St Monica Trust is pleased to demonstrate our continued commitment to your well-being and mental health by announcing that we now have over 30 Mental Health First Aiders.  Back in July 2020 colleagues were given the opportunity to become an accredited Mental Health First Aider, since then we have trained further cohorts, including more men!

And here’s who they are and where to find them: 

There are lots of different types of support out there, and a Mental Health First Aider can help you access them. 

Each mental health first aider has undertaken training from Mental Health Foundation and, while they are not trained therapists or counsellors, they are here as a point of contact and support if you, or someone you are concerned about, are experiencing a mental health issue or emotional distress.

There are lots of things we can do to protect our mental health and stop issues from getting worse, just as we do with our physical health.