Plan to stop smoking?


We’re collating information here to help you to stop smoking. If you would like to contribute to this, please contact the People Directorate at Head Office. Tell us what’s worked for you and help us to motivate others to quit.

To motivate you to quitting, you can start by signing up to this Quit Plan.!form-Step-1-1

The first piece of advice on this NHS page about smoking is to think positive.

Easier said than done but we know you can do it. Our Engagement team has lots of advice and guidance on how to help you to apply positive psychology to your day to day life. Contact us via the People Directorate at Head Office today.

Here are some helpful mythbusters about quitting smoking, again from the NHS website:

The Allen Carr approach to stop smoking is described here in this video:

Allen Carr EasyWay video and info

Back to the fabulous NHS – here’s a cost calculator to show how much money you could be saving by giving up. What will you treat yourself to with the savings?

What works according to the evidence?