There’s an app for that

Here are my top seven smartphone apps (in no particular order) that may help you to achieve better well-being:

I’ve given all these a go and can vouch for their usability, value for money and general sense of looking after yourself:

Headspace:  Andy talks you through a series of mindfulness sessions, typically lasting ten minutes.  He has a calming voice and the app includes some nice animations to explain the concepts he talks about really clearly.  You pay after the first ten sessions, around £5.99 per month for twelve months, or £9.99 per month on a month by month basis.

Calm: You can get 21 days free with Calm – worth trying out before you pay.  After that access to the app costs falls under the same pricing structure as Headspace.  This may not bother you at all but Calm uses American English rather than British English.  Lots of resources in the app itself once you’ve unlocked the paywall!

Spotify:  Paying a monthly Spotify subscription has been so beneficial!  I can catch up with all the latest pop (still a teenager at heart), most of the popular podcasts AND mindful and meditation podcasts.  I love it and use it most days. £10 per month.

Active 10:  Have I ever told you that walking is good for you? No?  Well, it is.  So much so that as little as ten minutes brisk walk per day can make a big difference to your health.  This app encourages you to get walking.  It’s completely free and produced by the NHS in conjunction with a fantastic man called Sir Muir Gray – who wrote books called ‘Sod Sixty’ and ‘Sod Seventy’.

Couch to 5k: For me, running is very hard.  Some people absolutely love it but I just find it hard.  One thing that is beginning to change that though is this brilliant app from the NHS.  It eases you into 30 minute run/walk sessions up to being able to run 5k in just nine weeks.  I’ll tell you when I get there!  Jo Whiley accompanies me on my runs but you can choose from other celebrities who cheer you on as you go.

Down dog for yoga:  The beauty of this app is that you decide how long you have and it gives you the perfect yoga session to fit in with your time.  For £5 one off fee, it’s well worth the money.  Also see You Tube for some fantastic free online yoga and pilates lessons.

Smokefree: Created for those who want to stop smoking, the Smokefree app is a 4 week programme that puts practical support, encouragement and tailored advice in the palm of your hand.

I’m sure you have others you use, please share in the comments section below or get in touch and I’ll update this post for others to see.

Mind have collated a list of mental health apps, which you might find helpful, here: